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Kristi Kennelly

Marketing Technology Director

Helping Real Estate Agents Level Up Their Marketing

Presenter, Trainer, Former Broadway Performer

Former Broadway performer, successful marketing leader and national Speaker, Kristi Kennelly focuses her motivating talks and training on easy technology to build relationships and your personal brand. Kristi is in high demand for her “marketing truths”,  self-effacing humor and ability to break down technology for all to understand. Kristi coaches/trains on video marketing, online reputation, branding, social media, email marketing and more. Beginner to advanced tools covered. Bottom line, if Rumpleteazer from CATS can handle this tech, so can you!

My Blog

Thoughts on various strategies, tech, apps, and experiences for the benefit of real estate agents. My goal is to help keep you remain efficient, effective and avoid some pitfalls. We got this.

A Super Agent’s Guide to Home Seller Seminars

Picture this: You’re not just a real estate agent; you’re the local listing expert, a homeowner’s super hero, the person who demystifies the complex...

How often should I post to Instagram?

I want 18 Reels per week, 27 long-form videos every 3 days, 35 stories by 7pm, 23.5 image posts per 4 hours, and throw in an Instagram Guide in your spare...

They Google Everything

Have you done homework with a teenager lately? I’ve brushed up on the industrial revolution, President Garfield, and the Gilded Age (not on HBO.) Go ahead, ask me...

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