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Aaron Lacey

VP, Marketing Technology Director - Arizona & California

Elevating Agents from Good to Great!

Psychology-Driven Digital Marketing Coach & Speaker

Aaron grows real estate businesses. He is a nationally recognized coach and speaker who takes a psychology-driven approach to real estate marketing technology.

Connect with Aaron ➡️ Contact your Sales Executive for Scheduling or contact me using the “CONTACT” link above

Aaron has over a decade of results empowering sales and operational personnel in the real estate, mortgage, and title industries. His methodology is focused solely on creating revenue growth through the implementation of innovative and proven business strategies.

He’s consulted with over 8,000 real estate brokerage owners, agents, and loan officers in the past 10 years and leverages his exclusive Modern Day Agent Coaching System resulting in business operators seeing 20-40% revenue growth within 12 months of the initial meeting.

Aaron’s Expertise & Coaching System involves:

◾ Marketing & Technology speaking & training – Keynote to guest speaker (internal/external)
◾ Brand creation, development, messaging, & positioning
◾ CRM platform identification, education, and implementation
◾ Social Media coaching – what platforms to utilize, why, and how to generate ROI
◾ Setting up effective lead generation systems utilizing AI & Automation – both online and offline
◾ Content marketing strategies (Inbound Marketing)
◾ Social media & Search Engine advertising strategies (Outbound Marketing)

Aaron is available for training’s & seminars on subjects such as:

◾ Branding & Identity Development
◾ Online Presence & Reputation Management
◾ Social Media Strategy & Organic Lead Creation
◾ Establish yourself as a Thought Leader through Content Marketing
◾ Advertising Online – What are your best options
◾ How to Connect to & Communicate with Millennial Buyers
◾ Choosing the right CRM to drive business growth
◾ Pre-transaction, during transaction, and post-transaction technology tools
◾ Future of real estate technology & where the REALTOR fits in
◾ How to leverage Market Data for business growth

Connect with Aaron ➡️ Contact your Sales Executive for Scheduling or contact me using the “CONTACT” link above


Aaron Lacey's Blog

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